My name is Brian Sauvé, and I'm the lieutenant of wordsmithing and chieftain of scribery (trust me, it's a word) in this digital kingdom. As such, feel free to direct any disagreement, vitriol, extravagant praise, or general ire in my direction. That direction would be the humble city of Ogden, Utah, home of the Wasatch Mountains, the Utah Jazz, a large number of well-dressed men on bicycles (if you know what I mean), and a very small number of Evangelical Christians.

In the spirit of glassine transparency and self-disclosure, you will find as you read that I am a Christian, Protestant, Inerrantist, Calvinist, Complementarian, Christian Hedonist, Credobaptist, Postmillennial, Social Conservative, Abortion Abolitionist, Contrarian, and Male Model—probably in that order and with the exception of the last item, which is more of a goal then a present reality. I abominate and execrate the so-called Prosperity Gospel, Western sexual ethics, the pornification of the American male through the Entertainment Industrial Complex, the society-eroding scourge of fatherlessness, liberal outrage politics, and bad/decaf coffee.

When I'm not blogging, you can find me preaching, pastoring, and pontificating at Refuge Church, reading The Chronicles of Narnia for the 49th time (click here to find out what I'm currently reading), chasing my wife, Lexy, around the house, and making loud and completely unnecessary noises with our delightful kids, Ari, Ira, and Daphne. I also serve as a regular writer for Deeply Rooted Magazine.

My naked hope is that any words you may read here would increase your joy as they magnify the glory of the grace of God in Jesus Christ. Discard (with prejudice!) anything that does not so do. All opinions and opinionatedness are my own, and thus should not be considered representative of Refuge Church, my friends, or anyone else liable to be associated with or excoriated for them.