7 Reasons To Delete Your Netflix

In the last year, I've preached, podcasted, and penned articles about the glories Complementarian theology at home and at church, the necessity of holding the line on LGBTQ issues, the tragic farcicality of transgenderism, the beauty of Calvinism, the dangers of Dispensationalism, and the inhumanity of abortion. In spite of the fact that the aforementioned topics are the verbal equivalent of Claymore mines, none of those things have been the most controversial thing I've said this year.

This is astonishing to me, but the single most argued about, eye-rolled-at, and disagreed-with thing I've publicly spoken about is…

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LGBTQ, Transgenderism, & Fighting at the Front

Today is as good a day to be disliked as any, I suppose. Herein, I plan to opine on LGBTQ issues, transgenderism, and, if I'm feeling especially cranky, maybe women pastors. I can hear the internet creaking in protest already. I hit "publish" on this one with a trepidation born of not being a masochist—but also with the pronounced suspicion that many will energetically prove my forthcoming point with regards to the location and criticality of the battle lines drawn by the secularist generals...

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The Lies We Tell Her

In a previous post, I presupposed that we humans are somewhat obsessed with physical beauty. We wrap up the firm and the youthful in the stretchiest and clingiest fibers the modern textile industry can manufacture, photograph the result, photoshop it for good measure, then publish it with all our might and to every available channel. In that post, I was referring to both men and women, and I believe it is true for both. However, I believe there are several amplifying factors...

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