I Am Edmund

I am Edmund.

I am a cold-blooded traitor, a brother-despiser, a sister-scorner, a world-corrupter. I have ruined days and friendships. I have murdered legions with my bitter heart and defiled endless scores in the hidden places of my imagination. I have grown bitterness and envy like a cash crop; no field long remains fallow—I have handfuls of thistles to…

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Don't Geld the Gospel

We are big on the Gospel at Refuge Church. In fact, you could say it's our thing. We aim to herald it in everything we do and in every passage of whole books of the Bible. We've been trying to figure out how much weight it can hold since this thing was the size of the average Mormon family meeting in an apartment. So far, it can take (checks figures) all of the weightI know there are churches out there that only blow the dust off of the Gospel on Easter and Christmas, but we are about as interested in that sort of thing as gluten-free doughn...

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Your Cynicism is Boring Me

We all have that one friend. You know, the one with the mouth that seems permanently arranged in a smirk. The one who is fluent in two languages: English and sarcasm. The one with battery acid under his texting thumb. The one with a singular gift for the cutting...

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