Mediated Holiness in Holy Matrimony

I have the privilege of pastoring a wonderful church out in Ogden, Utah—home of the Wasatch Mountains, the Utah Jazz, a large number of well-dressed men on bicycles (if you know what I mean), and a very small number of Evangelical Christians. One implication of my pastoral role is that I often find myself sitting across from a married couple for counseling. Sometimes there’s a catastrophic issue to deal with; the couple is clinging to their covenant with…

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In Praise of Her

My wife, Lexy, and I recently attended a local marriage conference. We were able to do this without our kids (thanks, Mom!), which makes this the equivalent of a two-week, all-inclusive cruise for you single people. The conference was led by Bill Farley, who happens to be the father of one of the men I serve with on the Elder team at Refuge.

It was a very simple conference. It wasn't focused on the psychology of marital communication, conflict resolution, or childrearing. Nor did it consist of an arbitrary number of tips to spice up your sex...

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