I Am Edmund

I am Edmund.

I am a cold-blooded traitor, a brother-despiser, a sister-scorner, a world-corrupter. I have ruined days and friendships. I have murdered legions with my bitter heart and defiled endless scores in the hidden places of my imagination. I have grown bitterness and envy like a cash crop; no field long remains fallow—I have handfuls of thistles to…

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Pornography & Stubborn Synapses

You're probably familiar with the concept of searing your conscience, that is, holding it under the flame of unrepentant sin until it's medium rare. It is a scary reality. Probably the worst judgment you can receive from God on this side of the wedding supper of the Lamb is being given over. No more grace. No more pleading. Just, "Thy will be done" to a conscience that is seared to well...

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