7 Reasons To Delete Your Netflix

In the last year, I've preached, podcasted, and penned articles about the glories Complementarian theology at home and at church, the necessity of holding the line on LGBTQ issues, the tragic farcicality of transgenderism, the beauty of Calvinism, the dangers of Dispensationalism, and the inhumanity of abortion. In spite of the fact that the aforementioned topics are the verbal equivalent of Claymore mines, none of those things have been the most controversial thing I've said this year.

This is astonishing to me, but the single most argued about, eye-rolled-at, and disagreed-with thing I've publicly spoken about is…

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The Wisest Idiot

In the last entry here at Mouse & ManeI wrote about my family's nightly practice of catechesis, hymn-singing, Bible reading, and prayer. As mentioned, we are currently making our way through Solomon's Proverbs—instruction from a father to his son in wise living before God. Pondering his proverbial wisdom has lately caused me to consider the man himself. The conclusion I've arrived at after pondering his life and words is somewhat of a contrariety; Solomon was the wisest idiot...

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