Prolegomena & Other Largish Words

Another pastor who feels he needs a blog. Sheesh! How many will the internet have to put up with before we hit some kind of mutually-agreed-upon quota and say enough's enough? That, kind readers, must remain a question for another day, because today is a day for boldness, for blogging, and for bad alliteration. Yes, this a blog run by a pastor. Clichés abound.

About the title, Mouse & Mane. If you've read the about page, then you know that I am a lover of all things Lewisian. And in my (probably not so humble, if I'm honest) opinion, The Chronicles of Narnia are vintage Lewis, old Jack at his best. Within that blessed heptalogy, two characters in particular have sneaked past the watchful dragons and into my heart: Reepicheep and Aslan. Hence the mouse and the mane. I love Reepicheep for his courage and courtliness, and Aslan for teaching me to more deeply know and treasure the true and better Lion. There you have it, the reason behind Mouse & Mane. Oh, and probably because I'm a pastor, and as you probably well know, my kind is addicted to altogether asinine alliterative articulations.

So that you know what targets I might be aiming to strike in this digital domain, here is some (if you also are inclined towards largish, mostly unnecessary verbiage) prolegomena, written in the spirit of the oft-imitated Jonathan Edwards:

1. Resolved: to magnify the glory of the grace of God in Jesus Christ for the joy of all peoples. To write in such a way that Jesus is treasured, delighted in, and generally magnified as the King immortal, the only God, to whom is due honor and glory forever and ever. Amen.

2. Resolved: to be brimful of significant words, words well-written and worth reading.

3. Resolved: to choose from the buffet of available fights with care, but to write with the sort of manly courage that is not well used to running from those fights which prove worth fighting.

4. Resolved: to talk about God reverently, people less so, and myself least of all. To take myself unseriously. 

5. Resolved: to be winsome and wit-some rather than dry, dull, or in any way lifeless. To write with the same vigor and vim which animated the rapier and tongue of that courtly mouse.

In the spirit of glassine transparency and self-disclosure, you will find as you read that I am a Christian, Protestant, Inerrantist, Calvinist, Complementarian, Christian Hedonist, Credobaptist, Postmillennial, Social Conservative, Abortion Abolitionist, Contrarian, and Male Model—probably in that order and with the exception of the last item, which is more of a goal then a present reality. I abominate and execrate the so-called Prosperity Gospel, Western sexual ethics, the pornification of the American male through the Entertainment Industrial Complex, the society-eroding scourge of fatherlessness, liberal outrage politics, and bad/decaf coffee.

There you have it, my naked aims and naked self (theologically speaking, for which you are most welcome). My only promise is that I make no promises, whether with regards to frequency of posting, persistence of blog-upkeep, or quality of content, though I hope for the quality to be at least of the sort that intelligent humans would enjoy reading. Click here to head straight to the blog for the latest scribblings, and be sure to subscribe!

Hoping for your joy,